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Annual Residency Verification

All rising 3rd and 6th grade students must verify residency to secure placement for the following school year. This means that only current 2nd and 5th grade students must submit proofs of residency. 
The following documentation is required to be submitted:
  1. Rental agreement, county tax bill or escrow papers in your name showing residence property address.
  2. If living in shared housing, a Notarized Affidavit of Residency
  3. Current confirmation of service for PG&E showing residence property address.
  4. Current confirmation of service for utility (Telephone, cellular, internet, or cable, etc), showing residence property address.
  5. One of the following current documents:
    • Confirmation of service for one other bill (e.g., Visa) showing residence property address.
    • Current DMV vehicle registration/Driver's License or DMV I.D. showing residence property address.
    • One of the following: W2, 1099, Paystub, HR Screen Shot, Letter from Employee with evidence of new address with residency in Los Gatos. (Financial information may be blacked out. We only need to see the residence property address).
For information on how to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal, please see How to - PowerSchool Parent Portal Guide. More information can also be found on the PowerSchool Parent Portal Information page.
  1. Log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal at If you need information on how to log in, please see the secure document sent via ParentSquare with more information on how to create an account and link your student(s) to your account.
  2. Click on ‘Forms’ on the left sidebar under ‘Navigation’ (see Figure 1).
  3. Click on each of the forms to provide the updated information. We will be reviewing the information and will reach out if there is a problem with any of the uploads.



B - Student Address (New or Update) 

[REQUIRED] Updates to your student’s address and supply the required residency documents (see above).

D - Health and Medical Information 

[OPTIONAL] Updates to your child’s medical information (e.g. health conditions, glasses, etc.).


F.1 - Review/AddStudent Contacts

[OPTIONAL] Review and add contacts to the student, adding who has custody, lives with, authorized for school pickup, emergency contacts, etc.

image showing where in PowerSchool to click on Forms

Figure 1 - How to access Forms