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Student and Family Handbook

The LGUSD Student and Family Handbook (SFH) is a way to understand the rights that you have in the district. It is a place where the district also outlines our expectations for students and families. The content of the handbook is updated on an annual basis. The handbook is also a way that the district fulfills legal requirements. As such, some of the sections in this book may be a direct quote of legal code and not written in everyday language. If you need assistance in understanding the details, please reach out to the Superintendent’s Office. The policies outlined in this handbook are subject to change throughout the school year due to ongoing legislative updates and amendments to Board Policy.
This is a new document starting for the 2023-24 school year and is being shared now for new student registration.
Rev 2 Major Updates (2023-08-04)
  • Attendance Guidelines - updated wording and information about short term independent study
  • Child Nutrition - updates on process
  • Additions on Mandated Reporting, Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Updates on how we communicate via ParentSquare
  • Updated student online tools list
Rev 1 Major Updates (2022-08-01)
  • Student Technology Acceptable Use Agreement - language updated to be student-friendly
  • Food Service program updates, including meal application information
  • Pesticide notice - updated
  • Notice of Educational Applications/Tools - updated
  • Bullying information - added