Public Participation

The Board of Trustees of the Los Gatos Union School District is committed to keeping the community informed about action taken at Board meetings and informational reports that are presented, using new technological tools now available.
Because of this commitment, the community is now able to access the Board Agenda and the Board Minutes, from previous meetings, online. Feel free to download the agenda and any item of interest prior to attending the Board meeting.
If you wish to address the Board during Board meetings, you are welcome to do so.

Is the topic on the agenda?
If a member of the public wishes to address the Board on an item on the published Board meeting agenda, he/she may do so before the staff presentation of the Board Agenda Item.

What if the topic I wish to mention is not on the agenda? May I still address the Board during a Board meeting?
Members of the public are always welcome at meetings of the Board of Trustees except for closed sessions. Individuals may address the Board an agendized item during the Public Comment segment of a regular board meeting, assuming the item falls within the Board’s jurisdiction. Individuals may address the Board on non-agenda items during Public Comment at regular board meetings only. At special board meetings, individuals may comment only on agenda items.
The Board President will call for all speaker cards as the meeting commences, and at specific times throughout the meeting which are indicated on the agenda.
Is there a time limit when I address the Board during a Board meeting?
Comments may not exceed three (3) minutes.

How do I communicate with the Board?
  1. You may write a letter, addressed to the Board of Trustees and send it to 17010 Roberts Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032. 
  2. You may telephone the Superintendent's Office and leave a message with the Superintendent's Executive Assistant, who will forward your comments to the Superintendent and the Board. The direct line is (408) 335-2001.
  3. You may e-mail the Board of Trustees at any time. If you would like to email a board member please visit the board page.