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Los Gatos Union School District Our Community, Our Students, Our Future
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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

Our Community, Our Students, Our Future

The 28th day of September 2013 was a memorable day for the Los Gatos Union School District as we celebrated our 150th year of academic excellence. This achievement would not have been possible without the support and efforts of the teachers, staff, parents and community partners who share in the learning experiences of our students. The ties that bind families to Los Gatos are irreplaceable and rich in tradition. What we have is special, and the sesquicentennial was, in large part, a celebration of the district’s 150-year commitment to the Town of Los Gatos.

Our Journey to Greatness Begins Here....

Our Beginning in 1863

Community spirit, and what it can achieve, is never more evident than in the story of the Los Gatos Union School District (LGUSD). LGUSD began as a dream of civic-minded citizens who wanted neighborhood schools and worked toward its realization. Built upon the standards of a formal education, LGUSD forged a singular identity as a community-centered school district with a commitment to excellence and to educating the whole child led by a distinguished K-8 faculty. This was accomplished because of a strong commitment to high expectations, rich tradition, academic excellence, athletic achievements, and investment in the visual and performing arts.


The Los Gatos Union School District’s demonstrated commitment to academic excellence and to continuously enhancing the quality of the LGUSD experience for students makes all of our undertakings exciting and relevant to the aspirations and opportunities we hold in the LGUSD of the 21st century.


Our Community

The Los Gatos community extends far beyond the walls of Blossom Hill Elementary, Daves Avenue Elementary, Lexington Elementary, Louise Van Meter Elementary and R.J. Fisher Middle School. The LGUSD community encompasses the students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, businesses, and citizens of Los Gatos, a town with a rich history and long-established neighborhoods. The Town of Los Gatos is a gem in Silicon Valley and the Los Gatos Union School District is integral to the community. It is hard to imagine Los Gatos without our four elementary schools and middle school. Each member of the community shares in the learning experiences of our students and understands that we must all work together to prepare our students to be our nation's future leaders.

Our Students

Our students carry their years in the Los Gatos Union School District as the building block on which everything else rests. LGUSD graduates students with an uncommon quality and dedication to making the world a better place to live for generations to follow. They are energized for the opportunities awaiting them. Our graduates are admitted to the finest high schools, colleges and universities and many return to Los Gatos. This is one of the LGUSD traditions that make the Town of Los Gatos an even more desirable location for families to live. 

Look How We've Grown

The first school in the Los Gatos Union School District was opened on January 19, 1863, located on Saratoga Avenue in the Monte Sereno area. It was a one-room schoolhouse with only one teacher and nineteen students. In 1949, the trend toward unification led to the formation of the Los Gatos Union Elementary School District Number 21. This unified the Lexington, Wright, Guadalupe, and Vineland districts as well as the enlarged Los Gatos area.

Today, the Los Gatos Union School District educates approximately 3,200 students in grades K-8. While our district’s footprint has changed dramatically over the years, the imprint on student lives is remarkably similar to any class over the past 150 years.

In addition, the new R.J. Fisher Sports complex was opened August 2016.

Our Success

The success of the Los Gatos Union School District is most readily measured by a variety of high quality student achievement scores, college acceptance rates, principal scholarship awards, and Project Cornerstone accomplishments.

Our elementary and middle schools are consistently nationally ranked and listed as one of the best schools in California. We can also point to distinguished individual graduates, and we do, but the real success lies in our graduates who contribute to the Town and the global community in whatever large or small way they can.

Many LGUSD graduates, upon completing their college studies, return to the Town of Los Gatos to send their children to the Los Gatos Union School District for a great education such that family names appear over and over again in yearbooks, on sports jerseys, on honor rolls and ultimately on commencement announcements. 

Our Future

The future of the Los Gatos Union School District is what its name represents - the best in primary and secondary education. From the shared beginning over 150 years ago, the pursuit of excellence is the hallmark of the Los Gatos Union School District of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This includes the pursuit of excellence by students led by an outstanding faculty; the attainment of high-quality academic achievements; and the development of personal character and leadership qualities…all points of pride for our community.

After 150 years, the Los Gatos Union School District is still innovating and improving. The new Lexington Elementary School, upgraded technology, a California distinguished academic program, and ever-stronger visual and performing arts program point to a vibrant "next" 150 years for our proud, independent traditions and community values.

Together, we are working to make sure that the Los Gatos Union School District continues to be a leader in teaching extraordinary students and in finding solutions for our future. You are all an integral part of the Los Gatos community.