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Interdistrict Transfers

This page outlines transfer information for students who live within Los Gatos Union School District boundaries
  1. who want to transfer to another public school district.
  2. who do not live within LGUSD boundaries but may request to transfer into the school district.
Interdistrict Transfers
For transfer between school districts:
  • If you currently live within Los Gatos Union School District boundaries but are requesting transfer to another district, complete an Interdistrict Transfer Form, available at the District Office. Refer to the information listed below on this page.
  • Please note that enrollment in the Los Gatos Union School District is for students whose primary residence is located within the district boundaries. If you do not live in the district, you may apply for an Interdistrict Transfer but admittance is not guaranteed. Please review the information listed on this page regarding schedule, guidelines, conditions, and process.
  • If you wish to apply, you must start in your district of residence. They will review your request to "release" your student from their district, and if approved by the district of residence, your interdistrict request paperwork will then be sent to our district for review and approval or denial.
  • We strongly advise that you DO NOT lose your spot in your current district school. Please note that very few transfer requests are granted each year as we need to maintain space and class sizes for students already residing within Los Gatos Union School District.
Interdistrict Transfer Schedule
  • The Los Gatos Union School District will review Interdistrict Transfer requests for a subsequent school year beginning June 1st.
  • Parents/Guardians submitting a request for a subsequent school year will be notified of a final decision as soon as possible, but no later than 14 calendar days after the commencement of instruction in the school year for which the interdistrict transfer is sought. (Education Code 46600.2.(a)(5)(B)).
  • Parents/Guardians submitting a current year request, as defined in Education Code Section 46600.1, shall be notified of a final decision within 30 calendar days from the date the request was received. (Education Code 46600.2.(a)(5)(A))
  • Any written notice to parents regarding a school district's decision on a request of interdistrict transfer shall conform to the translation requirements of Education Code Section 48985 and may be provided using any of the following methods:
    • Regular mail
    • Electronic format, if the parent provides an email address
    • By any other method normally used to communicate with parents in writing
General Guidelines for Interdistrict Transfers
The Superintendent (or Designee) is responsible for processing Interdistrict Transfer Requests, and the permission for transfer shall be approved by the Superintendent (or Designee). The Request for Transfer is initiated by the parent at the child's district of residence. The parent(s) or guardian(s) of the child must be informed that the acceptance of their child for an Interdistrict Transfer shall be contingent upon the parent and the child assuming full responsibility for:
  1. Transportation.
  2. Satisfactory attendance.
  3. Satisfactory behavior.
  4. Satisfactory academic progress.
  5. Any necessary documentation requested regarding and including childcare K-6, employment, doctor's recommendations, or guardianship documentation.
  6. Understanding that the receiving school has the right to rescind any prior approved Interdistrict Transfer if enrollment fluctuates during the course of the school year, or the parent/student does not fulfill the responsibilities listed in #1 - 5 above.

The Interdistrict Transfer shall be valid for only the current school year. It is the responsibility of each school to ensure that a nonresident student accepted and registered without a valid permit be returned to the school of residence. Students accepted on Interdistrict Permits shall be assigned to a specific school by the Superintendent or his/her designee.


Any changes in the conditions upon which the transfer was granted, which may result in cancellation of the Interdistrict transfer, must be reported to the Principal of the school by the parent/guardian within ten (10) days of the changed status.


Factors for Consideration for Granting or Denying Interdistrict Permit Applications

The District's priority is to serve all enrolled students with an exceptional educational program. The District will monitor its enrollment projections, actual enrollment, budget, student needs, and range of programs at least annually to provide a basis for evaluating all Interdistrict Permit Applications.


Consistent with the District's findings, the Superintendent, or designee, shall approve or deny individual Applications for Transfers based on the following conditions:

  1. The student’s family moves into or out of the Los Gatos Union School District after March 15th of the current school year. After discussion with the parents, it is believed by this District that the best interests of the student would be served by the student remaining in the same school for the balance of the school year.
  2. The parent must be a full time employee of the Los Gatos Union School District and/or the Los Gatos Saratoga Union High School District.
  3. Transfer Requests based on parent employment in either school district are handled only as Interdistrict Transfers and NOT as Residency/Allen Bill Transfers.  Verification of employment information and reapplication is required annually.
Conditions for Cancellation of Interdistrict Permits

The sending or receiving school or district has the right to revoke any previously approved Interdistrict Transfer Permit for any of the following reasons:

  1. Falsification or misrepresentation of information.
  2. Enrollment fluctuation.
  3. Infraction of school rules.
  4. Unsatisfactory behavior of student and/or parent/guardian
  5. Unsatisfactory attendance, including late arrivals and/or parent/guardian pick-up of student
  6. Poor academic effort/achievement.
  7. Inappropriate guardianship documentation.
  8. Overcrowding
Appeal Procedures

Interdistrict Transfer Requests that are denied by the Los Gatos Union School District may be appealed by the parent/guardian to the Santa Clara County Board of Education within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of denial.

The appeal is to be in writing and must provide all information and details as to why the denial is being appealed.  The Santa Clara County Board of Education’s decision is final.


Additional Information

To view the Board Policies and Administrative Regulation, visit the LGUSD Board Policies. Look in the "5000" section for Board Policy (BP) 5117 and Administrative Regulation (AR) 5117.