Tech Services Updates

Network Upgrades 2020/21

LGUSD has moved forward with a major upgrade to the local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN).

LAN Upgrades
Every school site recently received new fiber backbone which supports 10Gb connectivity along with new switches and wireless access points. This has greatly improved the connectivity, speed and reliability of both the wired and wireless networks at all school sites.

WAN Upgrade
We are in the process of upgrading our Comcast connection to every school site. Each school site will soon have double the speed connectivity than previously. This will assure that there will not be any bottlenecks or slowness when connecting from the school site to the Internet. Another anticipated upgrade that is in process is the dark fiber connection to the Santa Clara County office of Education which will provide the district with a 10Gb connection out to the Internet.

Teacher Toolkit Hybrid Workstation
Every classroom received an extensive technology infusion to assist with hybrid (Roomers and Zoomers) instruction during the 2020-21 school year and continues to complement teaching and learning with the return to school. 

Tech Skills Scope and Sequence

The following Technology Skills Scope and Sequence serves as a guideline for the tech skills students develop from year to year.



Educational Technology Plan Overview

The Los Gatos Union School District Educational Technology Plan (ETP) is not about a device, a website, a software solution nor the bandwidth necessary to deliver any of this to our students. The purpose is to deliver the teaching and learning goals articulated in the District’s Strategic Vision, and the ETP is about how technology is critical in achieving these goals. So the process for developing curriculum within the LEAs and the Common Core Standards needs to include the evaluation of various technologies that enhance the learning experience for students. It is about using technology to empower learning by building the capacities of our teachers by shifting to a model of connected teaching. In such an environment, teams of connected teachers replace solo practitioners, classrooms are fully connected to provide educators with 24/7 access to data and analytic tools, and educators have access to resources that help them act on the insights the data provide.

For more detailed information, visit the Board adopted ETP at: