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LGUSD Strategic Plan


Dear Los Gatos school community, 

I’m pleased to share with you our 2020-2026 Strategic Plan. This represents a comprehensive effort to bring all stakeholders together to create a five year vision and direction for LGUSD.  Over 1,800 individuals from across our stakeholder base participated in providing feedback into the future vision of LGUSD through online surveys, committees, and 28 strategic planning focus groups that were offered across our educational community. 

This plan represents the collective vision of the Los Gatos education community and includes critical components that were identified and revised based on input from parents, staff, students, the Los Gatos community, and the Board of Trustees.  

The resulting vision represents where we want to be as a District in the year 2026. The six major Objectives with corresponding Action Plans represent the literal roadmap to future plans and innovation for our schools. Our plans reinforce our Mission and Vision while articulating our goals and strategies to continually offer the best education we can provide.  

I am confident that the best is yet to come in Los Gatos!   I look forward to working with you in implementing our plan.  

Yours in education, 

Paul Johnson Superintendent

Los Gatos Union School District 2020-2026 Strategic Plan 2023-2024 Action Plans with photo of three students