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Student Activities & Resources

Student Resources & Activities

Phonemic Awareness Activities

Phonics Activities


Interactive stories, songs, videos and games.

Picture Match

An interactive game that gives students practice with identifying beginning sounds and short and long vowel sounds.

Sight Words




Spelling City

A website where you can use any list of words to play learning activities and games.


Storyline Online

A website where students can listen to a variety of stories read to them and then work on story activities.


Character Trading Cards

Character Trading Cards is a website where students create their own trading card by writing about a real or fictional person, place, object or event.

All Reading Skills


Students can practice hundreds of games and activities tied to specific literacy skills.  Be sure to select your grade level.

Redfish Soup

This site was designed by linguists, graphic artists, muscians, and educational psychologists for preschool students. The games include puzzles, an interactive encyclopedia, vocabulary development, and numbers. Available in English, French, Greek, and Chinese.

Fun Brain

Provides free educational games, online books, and comics for students preschool through first grade.

PBS Electric Company

Educational games, videos and activities for kids.