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Digital Library Accounts

Viewing and Printing IAB Student Reports
The Smarter Balanced Reporting System is an interactive, online reporting platform that provides a range of reports on the Smarter Balanced interim assessments. It provides clear, easy-to-understand data on student achievement and delivers intuitive and timely reports for teachers.
Creating student reports on Interim Assessments requires a Digital Library Account:
  1. Each teacher should have received an email to "reset your password" (search for Digital Library in email)
  2. The first time you login to the Digital Library, you'll need to enter some required information - See below to view the screens & suggestions for entering the required  information! (To print the step sheet click here!)
  3. Once your account has been activated, you can access the student reports for the Interim Assessments HERE!
Information about other resources available through your Digital Library Account:

The Digital Library is an online collection of instructional and professional learning resources contributed by educators for educators. These resources are aligned with the intent of the Common Core State Standards and help educators implement the formative assessment process to improve teaching and learning. 

There are a variety of educator-contributed resources, from complete units to broadly applicable instructional strategies to tools for specific purposes, that can be used to:

  • Differentiate instruction for diverse learners 
  • Increase educator understanding of assessment
  • Engage students in their own learning 
  • Design professional development opportunities 
  • Provide materials for Professional Learning Communities 

The Digital Library also contains more than 100 multi-media modules for English language arts/literacy and mathematics instruction, assessment literacy, and score reporting. These modules are interactive experiences that can be used to:

  • Demonstrate the formative assessment process 
  • Incorporate instructional tasks aligned to the Common Core State Standards into lesson plans 
  • Learn how to use evidence from the Smarter Balanced summative and Interim assessments and the formative assessment process to improve teaching and learning 
  • Support diverse groups of learners 

The Digital Library includes collaboration features that promote collegial conversations across the country. These features:

  • Encourage educators to rate resources
  • Promote how the resources may be used 
  • Provide online forums for educators to share their expertise with and pose questions to colleagues 

View a short video of educators sharing how they use the Digital Library.

Access a copy of the Digital Library factsheet.