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CAA Testing Day!

California Alternative Assessment (CAA) Website:
Test examiners:
  • Are trained by the LEA and/or view the test administration tutorial, print the certificate, and submit it to the LEA.
  • Read and submit the CAASPP Test Security Affidavit.
  • Ensure the student’s accessibility resources in TOMS is consistent with his/her IEP.
  • Download DFAs from TOMS.
  • Read the DFAs before testing.
  • Complete the Survey of Student Characteristics (SSC) for each student.
  • Conduct a Student Response Check (SRC) for each student.
  • Administer the tests.
  • Securely destroy all secure testing materials.
Scheduled Version Assignments
DFAs can be accessed in TOMS:
  1. Login to TOMS:
  2. Select the Help menu at the top of the page
  3. Click the CAA Materials tab
  4. Select your DFA based on the schedule posted above