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What services are available through Google Apps for Education?

  • The following services are available to each student and hosted by Google as part of Los Gatos Union School District’s online presence in Google Apps for Education:

    • Mail - an individual email account for school use managed by the Los Gatos Union School District

    • Calendar - an individual calendar providing the ability to organize schedules, daily activities, & assignments

    • Drive - a word process,  spreadsheet, drawing, forms and presentation toolset


    • Sites - an individual and collaborative website creation tool

    • Video - an individual and collaborative video creation tool

    • Google Classroom - an organizational tool used to manage assignments and content

How will students access Google Apps for Education at school & home?

  • To access Google Apps for Education, students will use their assigned email address to sign into Google.

  • Students will be able to create and access classwork on Google Apps using any device with internet access.


Are all students allowed to use Google Apps for Education at school?

  • Google Apps for Education is currently being offered to students in 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade.

  • Parents must first sign the Google Apps Permission Form and return it to the teacher before their child will be assigned a Google Apps Account.


Who manages the Google Apps account used by my child?

  • Each student’s district assigned email address is managed and monitored by LGUSD.

  • Student emails will not be made public nor will Google be provided with any personal information.


Can my child receive &/or send emails to outside email addresses?

  • No, students can not send or receive email outside the LGUSD domain.

  • Students can send & receive messages to users (teachers & students) inside the LGUSD domain.



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