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LGUSD's Guidelines for Responsible Use

Guidelines for the responsible use of Google Apps by students:

Official Email Address
All students will be assigned a username@lgusd.org email account. This account will be considered the student's official LGUSD email address until such time as the student is no longer enrolled with the Los Gatos Union School District.
Prohibited Conduct
Please refer to the Mobile Device & Google Apps Use Rules Access
Access to and use of student email is considered a privilege accorded at the discretion of the Los Gatos Union School District. The District maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of these services including email when there is reason to believe that violations of law or District policies have occurred. In such cases, the alleged violation will be referred to a Site.
Los Gatos Union School District can’t guarantee the security of electronic files located on Google systems. Although Google does have a powerful content filter in place for email, the District cannot assure that users will not be exposed to unsolicited information.
The general right of privacy will be extended to the extent possible in the electronic environment. Los Gatos Union School District and all electronic users should treat electronically stored information in individuals' files as confidential and private. However, users of student email are strictly prohibited from accessing files and information other than their own. The District reserves the right to access the username@lgusd.org Google systems, including current and archival files of user accounts when there is reasonable suspicion that unacceptable use has occurred.
Google’s Commitment to Educational Domains:
  • Google Apps for Education is ad-free -- LGUSD content is not processed by Google's advertising systems.
  • Protection of the intellectual property on the servers is critically important to Google.
  • Google Apps brings you the latest technologies and some of the best practices for user privacy.
    • Apps content belongs to the individual users at your school. Not Google.
    • We don't look at your content. Google employees must have explicit permission even for troubleshooting.
    • We don't share your content. Google does not share personal information without your consent.
    • We sometimes scan content for spam filtering, anti-virus protection, or malware detection.


NOTE:  This Google Apps Permission form by parents during the InfoSnap online Registration and Update process.  All students must have a signed permission form on file before they can receive a LGUSD Google Apps Account.