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COVID Testing


Antigen or PCR?

This is a popular question these days. This graphic helps demonstrate the difference between the two.  
Antigen or PCR Table

Symptomatic Individuals

When a student is symptomatic, the District continues to require one of the following tests to return to class:
  • A PCR test with negative result
  • A doctor-provided antigen test with negative result
  • A doctor’s note of clearance to come back to class

Positive COVID Test Results

An antigen or a PCR test both continue to be accepted to confirm a positive COVID result.  
  • A positive is a positive. After a positive result, there is no need for a confirmatory test. 
  • When a student receives a positive result, they must isolate for at least 5 days.  

Positive Antigen Test on Day 5

What if a student tests positive on day 5? The District will offer repeated testing on day 7 and day 9 in order to return to school. Parents may proctor at home tests any day after day 5, but MUST submit their results and attestation form to [email protected] .


Positive And Opt Not to Do Further Testing

If families opt not to test and complete the 10-day isolation period, there is NO test required for return. Antigen tests are only required to exit isolation before day 10.

Close Contacts

A student may use an at-home antigen test to return to school after a close contact exposure for which a student has been directed to quarantine. Please note that not all close contacts require quarantine. For students allowed to continue attendance under modified quarantine, we will use PCR testing on Day 5.  

Photo of Antigen TestPositive and Asymptomatic or Symptoms Resolving

If a COVID positive student is asymptomatic or symptoms are resolving, they can take an antigen test on day 5 to exit isolation and return to school.
If the test is negative (NO line, not even a faint one), they can return to school on day 6. 

Home Testing

In order to use an at-home test:
  1. A parent/guardian MUST submit the attestation form and 
  2. a picture of the negative test (with the students initials and date written on the test) 
  3. The attestation and picture of the test MUST be submitted to [email protected]

Home Test Timing

  • The home test must be received by 7:30 am on the morning of day 6 (or subsequent days) to be considered for return to school that day.  
  • A test cannot be administered before day 5.  
  • The Health team will review the messages submitted to [email protected] and reply to the family as well as update the school for return status.

Testing Schedule (antigen only)

The District will continue to offer free antigen testing for students each school day. If day 5 is a Monday-Friday, testing is available from 2:30 - 4:00 pm. If day 5 is over the weekend, return to school antigen testing is offered on Monday mornings from 7:30 - 8:00 am. The district student antigen tests are only for students who have tested positive and are clearing isolation.  
For all close contact testing, students will continue to complete PCR testing.  


If you have follow-up questions, please reach out to district nurse Sheila McConville at [email protected] or Asst. Superintendent Sarah Tellez at [email protected]


Have questions about eligibility or about the vaccine? Visit Santa Clara County Public Health COVID-19 Vaccine Information.