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School Site Funds


The School Site Fund of $150 per student provided by the district is a discretionary fund for the sole purpose to provide each school principal autonomy to allocate funds based on student needs for supplies, materials, resources, and professional development. Principals retain control of how to allocate site funds as well as retain control of how to allocate Home & School Club funds as indicated in the chart below.

Process for Allocating Funds:

The development of a school budget is a critical component in the district budget process. How to develop a school budget is driven by school-based needs, the annual district goals and policies approved by the Board of Trustees in September, as well as contractual obligations.

Each year, Principals work with their School Site Advisory Council, which includes teachers, staff and parents to annually develop goals in alignment with available funding and district goals. With the support of Home & School Clubs, Principals are provided with additional site-based funds to support the annual goals and needs of the teachers and students.