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Long-term Distance Learning Enrollment

September 17, 2020  Long-term Distance Learning Enrollment Form (link)
Hello LGUSD Families,
Registration for long-term distance learning began on September 14, 2020. We have received feedback that families need more information to make this important decision. The following information is provided to help families navigate this process. We will also be extending the registration process for long-term distance learning until the in-person learning program plans have been finalized and shared with families. Registration will remain open, and we will contact families with the final closing date.
Why are we being asked to make this decision now? 
Santa Clara County moved into the Red Tier on September 4, 2020 and must remain in that tier for 14 consecutive days for schools to reopen to in-person instruction. During this phase we are working with our employee work groups and collaborating with our parent advisory team to develop the plans to safely return students and staff to campus. 
We need to start the planning process to staff the long distance learning program. This involves determining how many teachers are needed, which is based upon the number of students in the program.  
What will the long-term distance learning program look like? 
The program will be modeled on the current virtual classroom model for both elementary and middle school. Some changes may be made depending on enrollment. Those changes may include combination classrooms for elementary students.
Will my child have to change his/her teacher to enroll in the long-term distance learning program? 
Yes, students will be reassigned to a new teacher in both the elementary and middle school programs.
What will the hybrid (in-person program) look like? 
The work groups are currently working on re-evaluating the current plans. The plans as they are currently configured can be found in the LGUSD Reopening Plan. We will provide updates as plans are finalized.
Can we register for the long-term distance learning program after this registration period? 
For the sake of continuity of learning, we recommend that students stay in the program for the full school year. We will hire staff based on the number of students registered at the end of the registration period. Students may be able to transfer into the long-term distance learning program after this period if space is available.
Can we transfer back to the in-person program at some point during the school year?
For the sake of continuity of learning, we recommend that students stay in the program for the full school year. However, students may be able to transfer back into the in-person program if space is available. The ability to allow transfers between programs is constrained by our staffing. We are not able to switch staff from one program to another.
Thank you for sharing your concerns. We are committed to working together to provide a strong program for all students as we navigate these challenging times.
Yours in Education,
Sarah Tellez
LGUSD Assistant Superintendent Educational Services/Human Resources