Students: Check In with a Counselor or School Psychologist

Would you like to talk to a Counselor or School Psychologist from the District?
Use this form to let us know and one of our team will be in touch soon.  You can check in to share something great, a worry, request help or advice, or any other need that you feel like we can support.  
You can also reach out via email--see information below:


Fisher Middle School

Kristie Mullikin                                   408-335-2347

Jolie Rutledge                                       408-335-2314 

(Guest Counselor:  Savannah Henry

Elementary Schools          

Linda Williams                                   408-335-2297

Laura MacFarlane                         408-335-2013



Fisher Middle School         

Nathan Jones                            408-335-2376

Daves Avenue

Blossom Hill                       

Marc Goldstein                 408-335-2235

Van Meter


Daniella Sullivan                 408-335-2133