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Visual Art Learning Activities for the Week of March 30th: Earthworks Art!

Dear Artists,

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of their art journals and artwork you have created at home, they are all incredible! Each week we will be talking about a new Movement in Art History for our journaling and art activities together. Looking at Art History is a window into the way artists saw the world before us and it can inspire us to create our own works of art. This first week, I want to talk about Earthworks Art! You guessed it, art that uses the earth. Right now, my family and I are taking lots of nature walks and getting as much fresh air as we can. I thought it would be great to do some nature journaling and create some Earthworks Art together this week on the blog! Please visit Mrs. Martin’s blog for details, instructions and pictures of my examples at 

Art Journal Entries: Observational Drawings in your Art Journal: Leaves and Flowers

Earthworks Movement Art Activities:

Project 1: Leaf Rubbings looking for shape, line and pattern in nature

Project 2: Create a Leaf Creature and environment 

Project 3: Create an Andy Goldsworthy Inspired work of Earthworks Art 


Happy Creating! 



Message from last week: 

Hello Artists! 

I miss you all and I hope everyone is doing well at home with your families. I know this is a big change for all of us and I want you to know that I am really looking forward to seeing the beautiful art works you create over the coming weeks. 

My art blog: is going to be our virtual art studio! I will share activities with you on this blog along with the directions of how to complete them. I will also be doing these projects along with you and share the artwork that my family creates.

I would love if you shared your projects with me, so I can see what you are creating. Please email images of your artwork along with your first name, grade and school to :

This email will come straight to me and I can then post it on the blog to share in our virtual art studio! 

Make sure you write down your first name, grade and school (Van Meter, Blossom Hill, Daves Ave or Lexington) in the email so Mrs. Martin knows who created each Masterpiece! 

I will only put the school and grade Level on the blog along with the artwork.

Each activity will be geared to all K-5 students and their families. You will see a few different variations of the art activity to allow for student choice, material availability and different skill level. All the activities on this blog will be designed to use basic art supplies like pencils, paper, crayons/markers or colored pencils, glue, marker, tape, ect..

I encourage collaboration between students, siblings and family members! Art is a form of connecting and decompressing from all of the busy things going on in our lives around us. My family and I spend many hours coloring, creating and making art together.

The first activity we will be doing together is creating a journal:  Journaling has been an impactful process in my own experience as an artist. I have used them for sketching art ideas, observing nature and communities, writing and recording experiences while traveling. One of my favorite things to do is look back on my old journals from years ago and reflect on those experiences and ideas.

On the blog you will see three different options for journal making: 

  1. A folded paper journal that is sewn or stapled
  2. A recycled journal made out of an old magazine or catalogue
  3. A printable jpeg of a journal page with a space to write and draw. 

You might even have a journal laying around the house, if so decorate it- make it your space to sketch, draw and write during this time. Each week I will give you journal ideas for drawing that you can choose to do, but please feel free to use this space to create and write whatever comes to your mind. 

Thank you all, 

Mrs. Martin

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Check out a lesson for each grade level below.  Have fun creating!