Social Emotional Activities

April 2020
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Calm April
CALM for Kids (7 and up)
What's New 3-30-2020?
A Mindfulness Book Lesson:  I am Peace
There is so much new happening around you.  If you are feeling a little bit worried or stressed, here are three of our staff members with deep breathing tips--try one that might work for you.
Try out some Mind Yeti!  Mind Yeti Picture
What are you okay at?  Share things you like to try out and explore with someone in your home.
What's New?
This is a complete lesson presentation with the book recording embedded.  It includes a dance and fun TV clip as well as guided questions for pre- and post-reading.  
Growth Mindset Lessons (Khan Academy)
   Additional Growth Mindset pages for family conversation and use at home are below.
Enemy Pie--The Youtube video is here and the related activity pages are below.
Calm Calendar
MINDFULNESS FOR KIDS--Free Zoom call in sessions.  Use your email to get the log-in directions.  Classes will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday beginning March 19.
CALM for Kids (7 and up)
Visit the LGUSD Student Wellness page for Community Mental Health Resources.