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Math Lesson Supports 4/23/2020
New Math Challenge Problems 4/20/20
Grades 2-3
The Magic Bean Plant
Grades 4-5
Lumberjack Mike
Crayon Patterns
Have FUN with math! 
Look at the activities for each grade level below.  There are games and math challenges to practice your skills in fluency and problem-solving!
Top That--Basic Game (Kinder)  Additional grade variations attached below.

Object of the Game:  To collect more cards than the other player.

Materials:  Deck of cards (remove the face cards)

Players: 2


  1.  Each player takes a card from the top of the deck, turns it over, and says the number on the card.
  2. The player who has the larger number takes both cards.  If the 2 cards show the same number, each player takes another card from the top of the deck.  The player with the larger number then takes all of the cards facing up.
  3. The game is over when all the cards have been taken.  The player with more cards wins.
Factor Captor

Skill: Multiplication/Division facts, finding factors of a number

Materials: Factor Captor Gameboard


Scratch Paper


Players: 2

Object of the game: To have the higher total score.