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Apps & Features: K-12 Schools – Apps – OverDrive Resource CenterSORA: E-BOOKS FOR STUDENTS
All LGUSD students are able to borrow e-books from their school libraries using Sora, the k-12 e-book interface from OverDrive. Students can also connect their personal Santa Clara County library card to expand their choices. The school libraries will have a small collection of "classics" to begin, and the Santa Clara County libraries are continually adding e-books for children every day. 
Students can use their Google credentials at to see their school libraries, connect to the Santa Clara County Library system, and start accessing e-books and audiobooks right away. K-5 students will shortly be able to log in using Clever.
Here's how to get started:
Contact Amity Bateman (Fisher Middle School librarian) with questions. 

Ms. Goldsmith, librarian at Daves Avenue -- read-alouds each day (12:00-TK/K; 1:00-1st grade; 2:00-2nd grade; 3:00-grade; 4:00-4th grade; 5:00-5th grade)
Storyline Online -- children's literature read aloud by professional actors
LeVar Burton -- The beloved host of Reading Rainbow does live read-alouds at 9 am Mondays and posts the video stream afterwards (on Twitter)
Junior Library Guild -- a changing selection of books at the elementary and middle school level available for free (no account needed)
Epic -- over 35,000 free books for ages 0-12 (teachers can also assign free class books here)
Project Gutenberg -- classics in the public domain, like Alice in Wonderland, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Secret Garden, Peter Pan and much more
International Children's Library -- historical and contemporary children's lit from around the world 
Big Timber -- grade K-8 e-books from educational publishers (mostly non-fiction)
KnowBuddy -- grades K-8 e-books (mostly non-fiction) about popular subjects like animals and sports (use username and password KNOWBUDDY to access)
Internet Archive's National Emergency Library -- digital copies of physical books available to borrow
Audible for Kids 0-18 -- thousands of free books during school closures
Lit2Go -- audiobooks of classics in the public domain
Author Connections
Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems -- visit the studio of Mo Willems daily at 10 am
My Weird Read-a-Loud with Dan Gutman -- Dan reads from his books daily at 11 am
Draw Every Day with JJK -- Jarrett J. Krosczka, author of the graphic novel Lunch Lady and Jedi Academy series and Hey, Kiddo, hosts a live session each day at 11 am

Encyclopedia Britannica for elementary, middle and high school levels
(use username "losgatos" and password "lgusd" if prompted)
ProQuest research databases for upper elementary and middle school:
(use username "losgatos" and password "LosGatos-95032" if prompted)
Gale In Context research databases:
InfoBits for Elementary and Gale in Context for Middle School 
(use password "open" if prompted)
World Trade Press research databases:
Includes ABC World Culture, World Food, Food America, The USA, Maps Online and Lingo Lite
World Book Online:
(use username "learningonline" and password "trial" if prompted)
InfoBase Resources
(use username "onlinelearning" and password "trial" if prompted)

LG Library
The Los Gatos Library is offering virtual story time. Check it out!
For online resources, your student ID may already be linked. To access Los Gatos Public Library try the following:
Library Card Number: <student ID #> (example: 312456)
PIN: Last 4 digits of phone number (example: 5412 for phone 408-555-5412)
Santa Clara County Library
The Santa Clara County Libraries offer lots of online resources, including podcast read-alouds, thousands of e-books for kids and more. 
For online resources, your student ID may already be linked. To access Santa Clara County Libraries try the following:
Username or Barcode: S + ID # + LGUSD (example: S312456LGUSD)
Password: birth month and birthday (ex. 0501 for birthday May 1st)
Check out their help page or see the video below if you need assistance.
If you don’t already have a library card, Santa Clara County Library still has you covered! You can get a (free) instant ecard here:
Thank you Santa Clara County Library and Los Gatos Public Library! Public libraries are always open online, 24/7.