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Welcome back to the Remote Learning site.  
We are extremely proud of all of our students for completing this year. 
Congratulations to our fifth-graders and eighth-graders!  


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We can not believe it is the last week of school?!  

Ms. Martin has a final, culminating project posted for students to add to their art journal.

The last music sing-along is scheduled for Wednesday 6/3.   

A June virtual field trip calendar is updated (use the PDF for the live links).  

The Elementary PE page is updated with new lessons from Ms. Mary and June calendar activities.  A June calendar is also added on the PE/Dance 6-8 page.  

Science at home is updated with new reading passages for grades TK-8 that focus on space and there are new experiments with baking soda on the page. 

The K-5 pages are updated with June calendars, reading lists, and skill review packets.  The embedded story lesson this week offers support for discussing the challenging events happening in our country and communities right now.  We hope that it will be viewed and discussed as a family.    

Information on the Remote Learning Site will stay available throughout the summer June/July for you to access.   
The Schedule Tips Page is updated with some summer schedule tips and conversation starters.  The Counseling Check-In Page is updated with crisis resources and supports.  


Fisher Students:  If you are experiencing an issue with your Chromebook, and need to request a temporary loaner, please submit your request here: Chromebook HELP
Someone from the Tech Services Department will respond to you directly.
If you, or someone you know, needs additional internet access, please see the Comcast/Xfinity information here.  
We have updated the Counseling Check-In page with crisis supports and services that are accessible over the summer.  The Counseling Request form will be monitored over the summer for crisis support.