Seventh Grade Remote Learning

Welcome Back Seventh Graders
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MARCH 17, 2020
The pdf file contains notes and practice for 7th grade geometric standards involving circles, areas, surface area, and volumes. The first few pages of each lesson include practice, but pages with notes and instructions are at the end of each lesson in the module.
A full answer key is attached at the end --please use it for learning partners and checking work.  
Some 7th-graders take Algebra 1CC.  Please click on the Algebra 1CC arrow for those resources/assignments below.    

1.  Select a free choice reading book to add to your independent reading lists.  Please read for at least 30 minutes each day.  Below you find suggested book lists and a set of reading log questions for your use.  Read, read, read!


2.  Complete the Rikki Tikki Tavi Reading Packet




3.  Complete the Treasures of Lemon Brown Packet




The articles and assignments below link history content and current events. 
The PDF documents below provide reading articles and responses for interesting, course-related topics:  
Genetically Modified Organisms
The Six Kingdoms
Biomes vs. Ecosystems
Have some science fun with the #rateaspecies activity below.
Watch these videos and answer each question in a well thought out, written response. 

How is the health of an ecosystem related to its biodiversity?

Define and Sketch a watershed.
Why is the nucleus so important to the cell?
Weekly Workout Challenge