Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update April 1, 2020
April 1, 2020
Dear Los Gatos Union School District Families,
The entire Los Gatos Union School District community, including parents, teachers, staff, and students, has been deeply affected by COVID-19. Thank you for embracing the many changes and challenges with patience and empathy as we navigate this rapidly evolving situation.
Governor Gavin Newsom and State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Thurmond have announced that school campuses in California will not be able to reopen this school year. While our physical school sites will be closed, students will remain in school through remote learning, which will be expanded and enhanced. Principals and staff have been involved in additional meetings, professional development, and planning conversations for implementing Phase III of our Remote Learning Program.
In Phase III, we will increase academic content within lessons while maintaining social-emotional connections with students. Teachers will continue to use Zoom (or another similar platform) to check in with their class on a regular schedule and will offer office hours. Content lessons will be delivered via recorded video or through live sessions at the discretion of the teachers to enhance​ the ​academic aspects of remote learning interactions. Our staff is sensitive to the age and attention span of their students. With this in mind, Fisher Middle School is refining their schedules and connections with students.
Consistent with the school calendar, Spring Break will begin on April 6. All students, families and staff are encouraged to disconnect from Remote Learning and enjoy the break with their families, away from screens and without academic expectations. Remote Learning “Offline” activities will be posted on the District Remote Learning Site on the afternoon of Friday, April 3.
When remote learning resumes on April 13, teachers and students will reconnect and reinforce the expectations, norms, and activities of synchronous learning on a schedule while preparing to implement the enhanced Phase III. Look for a follow-up communication from your principal regarding additional information and the implementation of Phase III when you return from Spring Break.
Thank you for your patience and support.  
Yours in education,
Paul Johnson