Interim Assessments

Administering Interim & Practice Assessments
CA Science (CAST) Practice Test
SBAC Interim Assessments
Teachers are required to administer at least one Interim Assessment Block (IAB) for Math & one for ELA before March 31st.
Teachers administering a CAASPP Test–complete by March 31st:
  1. Confirm that you can login to the TOMS System
  2. Before testing, search TOMS for any new students to confirm that they are in TOMS
  3. Preview all pages on the CAASPP Resource Site
  4. Print out your student Login Cards and store in a secure place
    • Login to PowerTeacher
    • Select the Report "SBAC_StudentLOGIN" to print the report
    • This year, the Student Login does NOT include the "CA-" prefix
    • Cut into individual cards and place in a secure place until needed
  5. Use the Interim Assessment Website to administer one IAB in Math & ELA
    • Select one Math & one ELA IAB (Refer to the tables at the bottom of this page)
      • Select IABs that do NOT have constructed response items
      • Constructed Response Items would REQUIRE hand scoring!
    • Before clicking the "Start Operational Session" button:
      • select the appropriate IAB for your grade level
      • drill down (click the + signs)
      • select the box next to the IAB Name
  6. Share the Session ID & help your students login:
    • Macbooks
      • Students turn on the Macbook
      • The MB will automatically open to the testing account
      • Students open on the Testing folder and click the CASecureBrowser icon
      • Use the SBACSecure Browser found in the application folder





    • Chromebooks
      • Instruct students to log out of their Chromebook Account
      • Click on the App icon in the DOCK
      • Select the AIRSecureTest Browser
Resource for Teachers – IAB Blueprints:
The IAB Blueprints presents the specific blocks that are available by grade level for English Language Arts/Literacy or Mathematics beginning at grade 3. Each block-level blueprint contains information about the claim(s), assessment target(s), and depth of knowledge level(s) addressed by the items in that block, as well as the numbers of items allocated to each of those categories.