CA Science Test (CAST)

View the CAST Informational Video (8:19) external icon or download the video to learn more about CAST’s alignment to the California NGSS.

CAST Field Test Materials


  • Note: The purpose of the CAST Training & Scoring Guide is to introduce students and test administrators to new item types.

Science Reference Tools:

The CAST Field Test assessments for grade eight includes a periodic table and reference sheet that students access during online testing as universal tools. These grade-level reference materials may be accessed to print and use as non-embedded designated supports for the CAST; there is no requirement to use these materials in the classroom.


Periodic Table - 8th Grade ONLY

Reference Sheet - 8th Grade ONLY

On the Day of Testing for the CAST
image of student login screens for SBAC
  • Create a test session -
    • Make sure to select from the California Science Tests (brown)
    • Select the test category -  by clicking on the + sign for the Smarter Balanced SUMMATIVE Assessment 
    • Select the appropriate grade level for testing:
  1. Make sure to select from the California Science Tests (brown)
  2. Click Start the Operational Session
  3. Help students login:
    • Macbooks
      • Students turn on the Macbook
      • The MB will automatically logs into the testing account
      • Students open on the Testing folder and click the CASecureBrowser icon
      • Use the SBACSecure Browser found in the application folder





    • Chromebooks
      • Instruct students to log out of their Chromebook Account
      • Click on the App icon in the DOCK
      • Select the AIRSecureTest Browser
          4. Students login to the Secure Browser using the login card provided
          5. Confirm that each student has selected the correct test
          6. Approve students to take the test
          7. Monitor students & give breaks when necessary